WI Region 2017 VCCA Event Calendar

      August          TBD      Packerland Tri-Tour                                                TBD

      September         15      Griffin Car Show                                              Milwaukee

      October             15      Regular Meeting / Tailgate Party                             Sussex

      November         19      Regular Meeting / Pizza                                           Sussex

      December          10      Regular Meeting / Christmas Party                           Sussex

Perfect Day for Griffin Car Show
Club Cars Featured During Salute to Vets in Port Washington Event
Dave Denemark and Gene Caspersen showed off their autos in Port Washington last month for the Slaute to the Vets Fly Over the Lakefront Park and War Memorial.
VCCA-WI Annual Banquet honors long term members, 
Bob Swanson named Region Director
VCCA-WI Region New Director Installed at Annual Banquet- JoAnn Swanson outlines the year's events
Fall Color Tour Offered Great Views 
Click on the logo above for photos of the event.
DOWNLOAD POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS OF THE EVENTS AT THE MEET. CLICK ON LINKS BELOW TO DOWNLOAD AND VIEW. Note: The files are large (about 59 to 125 MB) and may take awhile to download. Check them out for great photos by Tom Gawronski, VCCA-WI Newsletter Editor

37th Middle West Meet – It’s a wrap

Marilyn and Ron, Darlene and Tom, and Poor Bob and I, just can't thank everyone that helped at the Meet enough! Thank you for helping deal with things that came up before the Meet and during the Meet. There were many things that where in our control but there were things that weren't in our control. Everyone just seemed to know what needed to be done and just did it. It couldn't have run more smoothly.

Bob and I had planned to stay on Saturday night along with our daughter and Granddaughter, Maddy. When we got there on Saturday we were surprised to find other out of state guests already there. The trailer parking had been marked by the hotel as well as the Swap area. Sunday arrived and members were there to help set up the Registration Room and get the Raffle items set up. The Northern Illinois Group was all ready to help Charlie with the Field Entrance and we were off and running. Barb and her committee had samples of the Ladies Day items made for display. Many vehicles were put thru field entrance on Sunday, which helped for Monday and Tuesday. Gene put out signs for the different areas.

Monday there was a large group ready for the Madison trip. Someone talked to Gary's son, Eric, who said that Gary had his sons working for two months to get everything ready for our visit. I think about 90 people went thru his shop. During the day the ladies were busy with crafts with Barb, Janet, Darlene, Kathy Jones, and Patty. The ladies loved it and thought it was a great idea. During the day I was asked by Rick from the hotel if we would consider moving the Taste of Italy to the upstairs restaurant. I said no because we had entertainment. Our "FAB THREE" were a hit! Everyone loved the "Oldie Wed Game". Someone came up afterwards and asked for the questions so they could do it for something they were involved in. Thanks to everyone who helped make Sunday and Monday a success.

Tuesday we were off to the Observatory. People commented that they had never seen anything like this. There was a delay between the 1st and 2nd group because of an accident almost where we had to cross the highway. Thank goodness it didn't involve anyone in our group and we were On the Road Again. The menu at the dealership changed which we were unaware of and we had a nice gathering of about 180 people. I'm sure the dealership was happy we came. I think they sold a pickup and also the Faux 1953 Vette. It was then back to the hotel for the Costume Judging. Janet was attending her first Meet, but was happy to do the Costume Judging. Mary was a judge for the first time. Everything went just great.

The buses were on time for the Cruise on Lake Geneva. As our bus pulled into the Marina it was a perfect picture with calm water and sail boats – a perfect night for our Cruise. People were happy to have the lifesavers, and glad they didn't have to use them. Our thanks go to everyone that made Tuesday a day to remember for our guests.

Wednesday was judging day and a little concern for the weather. Not to worry, like I said at the Banquet, I was sure that Bill Ferguson, Bob Lemminger, Romie and Roy had the weather under control.

The Ladies Luncheon Committee was ready to spring into action and view the site (which they were pretty sure the site wouldn't change again). Ralph was actually able to see the back seat of his car for a few hours. The Hunt Club was beautiful. The food was wonderful. The Treasure Chest sold out of keys in about 15 minutes. The commemorative book marks were awesome and the beach theme decorations and door prizes were a very nice touch. Now the entertainment – bear in mind that NO ONE had ever heard them before so another limb Jane and Mary trusted us on. I think everyone in the audience could have listened to them for another hour. There was a room change for the Directors Meeting so we got complimentary cookies, brownies, and coffee. Thanks to all those that helped with the weather and judged the cars, and Jane and Mary and their committee for all they did to make the Ladies Luncheon a huge success.

Thursday was the plaque tour arranged by Gene and Ralph. Just to add to the excitement (without checking with Gene and Ralph first) someone removed a bridge. But all the guys rallied and the tour was great.

Then the long awaited Awards Banquet. While everyone was touring a group stayed back to help setup the table decorations and move all the wonderful raffle items downstairs to the Aspen Room. The group we were sharing the rooms with all week left at 5:00 and we watched the banquet crew orchestrate the removal of all their items and move in 26 banquet tables, set them, move in chairs and put on the centerpieces. Lastly, the trophies were all arranged. At 7:00, the doors opened and the guests never knew what happened behind the closed doors.

A huge thanks to Tom Gawronski for getting the PowerPoint all set up for the awards. Thanks to everyone who helped take photos during the week. Dave Denemark did a great job on the trophies (Dave maybe you should think about doing decorative welding all the time. Ha-ha)

Congratulations to all the winners! Wisconsin Region was well represented with trophies.

We want to thank everyone who helped with the planning, all the things you just did that I'm sure we were unaware of. We couldn't have had such a successful meet without you, your help and your ideas.

I especially want to thank the Ohm's, Griepentrog's and Poor Bob for trusting some of my crazy ideas and all their support.

We have received wonderful emails, phone calls, cards. I also heard that the Chevy Chat Room was saying how great it was.

Check Out Some Recent Club Events Below
VCCA-WI Auction Drew A Large Group of Bidders
Annual VCCA Awards Banquet: Good Food, Great Friends and Lots of Fun for ALL

Dave Denemark presented Charlie Hanson a beautiful trophy made from transmission gears and an old open end wrench. A lot of time and effort went into this and now Dave has offered to make us some trophies but he needs our help. He needs for us to look in our excess inventory and look for old metal car parts that he can weld together. Transmission gears, pistons, wrenches, etc. work great. Contact Dave at 262-370-6200 as soon as possible.

Wisconsin Rapids Fall Tour Well Attended
VCCA/Andrew Chevrolet June Car Show Features Over 100 Vehicles
June Car Show at Andrew Chevrolet, CLICK PHOTO FOR SLIDESHOW
The February 2012 Meeting feature a wonderful chili feast enjoyed by all. A review of the VCCA 50th Anniversary Meet video included images of several autos owned by our members. 

VCCA-WI REGION Awards Banquet Honors Club Leaders
More details in the February BOW TIE

Seven cars and club members took an all day tour of areas north and west of Milwaukee. Although the day was a bit rainy, it still was great fun for all. A guided tour of the Venerable Fire Collection Museum and the Horicon Marsh highlighted the tour stops. Dinner in Iron Ridge was very tasty. CLICK HERE FOR A PHOTO GALLERY REVIEW
At the Fire Collection Museum, VCCA-WI members were given a wonderful and informative guided tour of the entire facility. Check out the link above to see photos of the tour.


Over 100 cars and trucks were featured  CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTO
VCCA_WI co-sponsored a 100 plus car show at Andrews Chevrolet

40th Anniversary Party for the VCCA Wisconsin Region
click on thumbnail to enlarge photos , or watch the slide show

These photos show the food, fun and fellowship at our big anniversary event held late last year at McKinley Lodge in Brookfield,WI.
WI Region VCCA Calendar of Events

January                   31      Annual Banquet                                  Thunder Bay Grille

      February       TBA      Regular Meeting                                     McKinley Lodge

      March           TBA      Regular Meeting                                      McKinley Lodge

      April             TBA      Regular Meeting                                       McKinley Lodge

      May              TBA      Cruise Night / Fish Fry                                   TBA

      June               8-12      39th Middle West Meet                         Egg Harbor, WI

      October         TBA      Meeting and Nominations                        McKinley Lodge

      November     TBA      Meeting and Election                                McKinley Lodge

      December      TBA      Christmas Party                                        McKinley Lodge

Welcome to the VCCA-Wisconsin Region 

We are the Wisconsin Region
Vintage Chevrolet Club of America!

The premise of our organization is the preservation and restoration of Chevrolet cars and trucks, 25 years or older.  Simply stated, we are attempting to maintain our vehicles in their original state as they came from the factory and delivered to the dealership.  We take pride in the fact that we are preserving part of history that we hope can be enjoyed by many for years to come.


Region Requirements


National membership We belong to the national club known as the VCCA or Vintage Chevrolet Club of America.  You must be a National member in order to participate at the region level.  As long as your National application has been mailed, you may begin to enjoy benefits the region has to offer.  A request will be made each year to be sure that your National membership is current.

Dues  Annual dues are $25 (prorated $2/mo starting with the first full month after joining) and are due each December for the next year.

By-laws  When signing the application, the applicant agrees to abide by the by-laws of region.  You will receive a copy upon joining.


Region Benefits


 - Monthly Newsletter containing calendar of events, recaps of meetings, member stories

 - Roster of Members including addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses

 - Free Advertising for buying /selling cars and parts

 - Membership Button

 - Ability to participate in year round activities




Typically held on the third Sunday Oct – Dec and Feb – April at 1:30 p.m. at McKinley Lodge 4550 N. Pilgrim Rd. Brookfield, WI. You are welcome to check us out at any time!


Contact Person

If you have any questions regarding our Club, please contact the Membership Secretary, Sondra Ferguson via contact page