About Us

The year is 1970. Richard Nixon is president. The U.S. launched Apollo 13, it's 3rd manned Landing Mission to the moon, women were trying to decide if they should wear mini or midi skirts and the Wisconsin Region, VCCA was filmed.

But let's go back to the beginning. When the Wisconsin Region was only a twinkle in Jim Maslo, our founder's eye. Jim has to be considered our Founder as it was his actions that led to the formation of our Region. On Oct 1, 1969, Jim received an answer from Chevrolet Motor Div to his request for help restoring his 1932 Chevy pickup. They were only able to give him a picture, but did give him a list of clubs available that might provide information on the "older Models"

Jim wrote to the VCCA requesting information needed to form a local Region. He received a reply from Howard Smith on Nov. 17,1969 giving the following requirements for forming a Region. A Region requires at least 12 members, a resume of the officers, including ages, marital status, number of children, occupation and place of employment. He said "This was necessary, to insure that only mature, responsible individuals would be representing the VCCA."

The first gathering of interested people was held Jan 18, 1970, with 13 members paying dues. This started the ball rolling. Any member join in 1970 would be considered Charter Members. We still have 5 of them on our roster. They are Bob Hensel, Bob Lemminger, Fred Morris, Gene Schneider and Art Wandke. Our original Charter was dated January 19, 1970 and signed and approved by Howard Smith, Regions Coordinator, dated March 4, 1970.

The members cars were from the' 20's and 30's with one 1941 being the newestAnything newer were considered too new. 1971 began with a January 24 th meeting at which Bob Lemminger became Director, Gene Schneider was Assistant Director, Bob Hensel, Secretary/Treasurer and Lucille Wandke, our first Activities person. By Sept. the club had added 6 new members. December was the first Christmas Party, complete with Santa which is a tradition ever since. 1971 ended with 24 members, this count being the man only.

1984 the Wisconsin Region hosted the 7th Middlewest Meet. We called it our "The Blue Ribbon Meet" and it was held in Oconomocwoc. This was our first adventure at hosting a meet. Since we have hosted two more. June of 1992, we hosted the 16th Middlewest Meet, we call it "A Week In The Country". It was held at the Country Inn in Pewaukee. June of 2002 we again hosted the Middlewest Meet. It was the 26th called "On The Road Again" and it was held in Janesville, WI.

A lot of Good times, Good Friends have come about since the beginning of the Wisconsin Region. Let's hope there will be many more for all of us.

Region History & Activities

We pay tribute to the 13 Chevrolet owners who met back on January 18, 1970, because without them, we would not have the great club we have today.  Since then, the WI Region VCCA continues to see the U.S.A. in our Chevrolets.  In addition to driving our vehicles we exchange stories, offer advice, attend swap meets, go on driving tours, participate in parades, hold regular meetings, sponsor shows and enjoy each others fellowship. 


The Wisconsin Region VCCA occasionally gets the opportunity to sponsor the Middle West Meet which draws approximately 125 cars from as far north as Canada to as far south as Texas.  You will have the opportunity to have your vehicle judged or if you are not big on judged events, you may choose to have it designated as a display only vehicle.  Other activities that you can participate in include tours, model car and costume contests and if you are lucky, fire truck rides!


Our members are the proud owners of vintage Chevrolets ranging as far back to 1920s to as current as the late 1970s.  The backgrounds and the stories of how our members obtained their vehicles are very diverse. Some members are fortunate enough to still have their first car.  Others started their hobby upon retirement and purchased vehicles that they remember from when they were growing up and then there are others that have been collecting for years.  Some only have one vehicle and yet others have several.  They all have one thing in common.  They enjoy their Chevrolets!


If you are unsure if we are the club for you, we would like you to ask yourself a question. What do I want to get out of joining a Chevrolet club and then come join us at one of our events and see for yourself what we are all about.  There is absolutely no obligation to join.  Ask us all the questions you care to and the WI Region VCCA will do our best to be sure that we will fulfill your needs.  We want you to feel at ease with your decision and we are confident that we will be able to show to you that we are the premier club to have fun when it comes to Chevrolet!