The premise of our organization, the                                                            , is the preservation and restoration of all Chevrolets & GMCs.   Attending meets provides the option an option for those owners with vehicles that are 25 years and older.  We also offer a driver participation class as well as a personalized class.  The Driver Participation class are for those vehicles classified as "drivers".  They must be visually representative of the VCCA’s mission statement of preservation and restoration of vintage Chevrolets/GMCs.  The Personalized chapter was created to provide a home for fellow Chevrolet/GMC enthusiasts that support the VCCA's mission to restore and preserve Chevrolets and who share a love for making their vehicles "their-own".

We belong to a National Club with thousands of members world wide, offering:

Monthly Generator & Distributor magazine with member stories, technical advice, vehicles, parts and memorabilia for sale which may only be advertised to members.

Personalized technical advice by reaching out to a member that has volunteered their time for specific model and year vehicles with questions.

Chat room where you can reach out to members on-line with your questions.

The VCCA has stored its literature collection within the AACA Library since 2010. It includes sales literature, photographs, service manuals, TSBs, filmstrips, films, records and videos.

Opportunity to attend judged regional and national meets all over the US, Canada and abroad or join in the driver participation class.

We belong to a Region that offers: 

Monthly BowTie newsletter with free advertising which goes out to neighboring states

Roster of members

Technical advice and service recommendations




Indoor Meetings (once the weather starts to prohibit us from getting our vehicles out on the road)

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